Can I support the garden even if I don't have a plot?

Absolutely! Become  a member for $5 each year to vote on garden decisions, plan community events, and support a pollinator-friendly growing space.  Additional donations welcome. To give:

Venmo @SKellermann

Paypal:  paypal.me/NHCGarden

Checks payable to North Hill Community Garden, send c/o Sirid Kellerman, 924 4th St N, Stillwater MN

Do I need to live on the North Hill to have a plot?

No, the North Hill Garden is open to all residents of Stillwater

Do I need to live in Stillwater to have a plot?


If I had a plot last year, will I be able to rent the same plot this year?

Returning gardeners will have the opportunity to reserve the same plot each year.

How do I reserve a plot?

Plots that have not already been reserved by returning gardeners will be available on a first come – first serve basis.  Annual sign-up dates will be posted on our Plot Application page.

Once I reserve a plot, how long do I have it for?

Each season you will have the plot  from March through October 15th.

Where does my plot fee go?

Your fee will go towards garden upkeep, maintenance, scholarships and supplies. Fees also help payfor classes throughout the year.

Are plots available for community groups?

Yes, community groups can reserve plots. Contact info@northhillcommunitygarden.org for more details.

What is a plot scholarship?

The North Hill Community Garden strives to be accessible to the entire community, regardless of abilityto pay, and so scholarships are available to those in need. If you would like to apply for a scholarshipplot, please contact info@northhillcommunitygarden.org for more details. Scholarships are keptconfidential.

What if I’m going to be travelling over the summer?

We have a great group of gardeners that help each other out. We have “water me” and “harvest me”signs that are available to put in your garden if it needs attention while you are away. You can alsosend an email to all gardeners by using gardeners@northhillcommunitygarden.org in your addressline if you need other specific assistance.

What are plot upkeep expectations?

Plots must be maintained.  While plots are rarely “weed free”, they should not be overgrown with weeds as the weeds can spread to neighboring plots.  Vegetables should be harvested before they rot.

What happens if I can’t maintain my garden?

First and foremost, ask for help.  You can send an email to fellow gardeners at gardeners@northhillcommunitygarden.org and let them know what kind of help you need.  You can also contact the Garden Leaders directly at info@northhillcommunitygarden.org if you have questions or need to discuss a particular situation.
If a plot appears to have been neglected for two weeks, the gardener will be notified. If two more weeks go by and the gardener has failed to attend to the plot or contact The Garden Leaders, the plot will be considered abandoned. It will be reassigned to someone on the waiting list and the gardener will not be eligible for a plot the following year.

Can I bring my pet to the garden with me?


I’ve never gardened before, is help available?

Yes!  You can send an email to fellow gardeners at gardeners@northhillcomminitygarden.org.  Very often there will be other people with similar questions and others with good answers.  You can also post questions on our Facebook Page. Additionally, a few classes are generally offered throughout the year. 

What do I do if I have extra veggies?

If you don’t want to pick them, you can put a “harvest me” sign at the plant(s) with too many veggies, and that will let your fellow gardeners know they may take from your plot.  These signs will be stored by the bulletin board in the garden. Alternatively, you can donate veggies to Valley Outreach.

Who is in charge of keeping walkways and common areas free of weeds?

All gardeners are.  The garden organizers will organize a spring workday to spread mulch, a fall clean-up day, and other times to maintain the common areas as needed.  Gardeners are also encouraged to weed common areas on their own as needed, especially in the areas around their plots.

Can I use chemical pesticides and fertilizer? 

The North Hill Community Garden is a “chemical free” garden, meaning no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, plant food, etc. may be used in the garden.

How can I help?

Many volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year, including organization, maintenance, care of “sharing plots”, etc .  Please contact info@northhillcommunitygarden.org for more information.

I have a suggestion for the garden.  Or need to report a problem. – who can I tell? 

 Send a note to info@northhillcommunitygarden.org

Can I reserve more than one plot? 

Only if plots are still available after the Spring Meeting (AKA “spring work day”) which is typically held in late April.

Why are some plots covered in black plastic?

Some people cover plots in black plastic in the spring prior to planting to keep weeds at bay and because the heat from the sun is believed to prevent tomato blight from persisting year to year.

Is water available at the garden? 

Yes, the city has made water available.  Hoses will be available for gardener’s use. The water is turned off for the winter in mid October and is typically turned back on in mid May.  The city turns on/off the water at all of the city parks at the same time. This garden is part of Staples Field, a city park.